Summer in Brittany (Day 6)

Thursday, 31.07.2014
10 Locks 25 km

St-Grégorie – Pont-Réan

We get up “early” to be ready at 9 a. m. as we want to explore Rennes, the capital of Brittany today.





Before we can head off, the child has to go through its boot cycle.



IMGP1715 IMGP1716

The surrounding quickly get suburban but not too unpleasant. Amazing Graffiti along the canal.


The ecluse le Mail heralds the end of the Canal d’Ille-et-Rance and gets us down to the Vilaine, which is navigable from Rennes all the way to the south coast. We moor up at the Quai St-Cyr. It is very noisy her as the adjacent apartment blocks are getting renovated, rebuild, knocked down and gentrified. The only water point is thoughtfully guarded by a permanent moorer. Same shit anywhere……..

But we shall not falter and head of to visit the City of Rennes. The city center is devided in two parts. There is the medival part, or what is left of it after a fire 1720 and a modern city built in the 18th century and the Napoleonic age.



The Brittany regional Parliament.


We finally manged to have a nice Crêpe lunch in a proper Crêperie. in The afternoon we visited the Musée de Bretagne. Its very remarkable place where I could spend several days to indulge in all kind of history. Particularly interesting the exhibition about the Dreyfus affair. The bullshit industry worked almost as well then as it does now to destroy people that are not 100% to the norm. Let alone intolerance and racism.


As we really aren’t city dwellers and the temperature has come close to the melting temperature of lead we make our way back to the boat in hope of some countryside and shade. We end the day on the quite nice visitor moorings of Pont-Réan. Here one of the three boulangeries is not closed for holidays, so fresh bread tomorrow morning.