Anjou and the Loire (Day3)

Ecluse La Fosse Nr.29 – la Jaille-Yvon (River Mayenne)

Monday 27.7.2015

10 Locks  34 km


After a very wet and windy night we awake to the noise of the quarry on the other side of the river. No baker for miles, so we make a rather hasty start to use the spell of dry weather.


First stop is Château-Gontier. Shortly before we arrive there, we meet the first moving boat at all.
The harbour master in Château-Gontier is very friendly. He comes out of his office to help us tying up and hands us a map of the town. The harbor offers all kind of services, toilets, showers, a massive slipway and a little shop were the harbor master sells drinks and snacks. The camping municipal is just round the corner. This would certainly be another suitable starting point for a trail boat.


We do our shopping and then do a little tour of the town. Château-Gontier is a nice little French country town, but there is nothing to justify an extended stay, or at least we don’t find it.


We press on when something strange happens at Ecluse Ménil. We tie up to the lock landing to get the lock ready as the keeper is absent. Trying to take the boat into the lock, it moves backwards. I try again, maybe I’m confused. The boat accelerates backwards. I’m even more confused but it dawns on me that there must be a technical issue. Examination shows that the Teleflex cable controlling the gearbox is broken. Therefore the engine it stuck in reverse. But do not worry, as the captain, in his great wisdom has brought a spare. The throttle box gets disassembled and the new cable is fitted. So this problem is solved but I start to wonder why I went through the trouble of servicing and testing the boat before the holiday.


We pass this interesting house that looks like it has survived since the middle ages.


Over night we stay at the activity center at La-jaille-Yvon. It is reasonably quiet, and more importantly they sell ice-cream.