Spain 2018, Aragon (Day1)

La Puebla de Roda

Thursday, 19.07.2018

Fucking loads of km

All right, this is meant to be a boating blog.  So why is he showing us a picture of a campsite in some mountains?


Is this some Fitzcarraldo stuff? Also we have heard that he has a slight issue with Sat-Navs, so he might have taken the wrong turn two days ago? Has he even swapped boating for hill walking?
Nothing quite as serious. And we will come back to boating in about a weeks time. (Spoiler: Going from Sable-sur-Sarthe down the Sarthe und the Loire and through the Nantes-Brest to La Gazilly)

But for now, please stay with me, as I will try to tell a fascinating story with at least two beginnings.
In the wider sense: When we bought ARGO five years ago, we also had to buy a vehicle to pull her, one that would also be useful on the land and the forest. And do the occasional school run. Thus we bought our Landy, a 2003 Defender 110. Because, without being too dogmatic, why buy a heap of plastic, when you can buy a proper car?
When we bought the Landy, our friend Paddy from Frankfurt got totally hooked and said: “I will get one of these. And then we will go off-roading in the Pyrenees together.” In fact it took him five years. And then he got himself one of these:


In a less wide sense: We left home in County Clare on Tuesday morning, towing the boat to Rosslare. Taking the ferry to Cherbourg, were we arrived Wednesday lunchtime. From there we towed the boat to the Camping Municipal at Sable-sur-Sarthe. We payed a very precise, previously agreed, 1,76€/day for garage mort, parked up the boat and trailer and went on to drive to Les Herbiers, Departmente Vendée.  Here the Campsite Lac la Tricherie provided us with a place to stay for the night. Nothing to write home about, but located conveniently close to the motorway.


Thursday we spend driving another 750 km to Puebla de Roda in Aragon.  Totally knackered we arrive at Camping Isabena. An absolutely brilliant camp. Very much recommended.
Here we meet Paddy and his lad for a week of off-roading, or rather green-laning, through the mountains around us.
All are delighted, great hello, setting up the tent and gear and the off to the pool. The campsite also sports a restaurant that offers set 3-course-meals in the evening. Paddy in his wisdom has already booked a table for us. And indeed the food is well beyond any expectations . Great. And wine. Lots…